So why the Jedi?

2 things I get super excited about and over-passionate when the topic comes up…Star Wars and web development! I came from a rough time in school where I had to hide my inner nerd. I remember secretly sneaking away from my friends to go to the anime store where we had our Pokemon and MTG battles. No one new. Well except for the 10-year-olds kicking my ass at Pokemon.

But on to Star Wars. Well, it goes down like this. There was a time, a very challenging time in my life. I didn’t see much hope for a better future. And it was at this time I discovered The Extended Universe. The Star Wars novels. It was my escape from hopelessness and darkness. It allowed me to imagine something brighter. Hope to overcome life’s trials. It may have even saved my life. Definitely saved my spirit.

Gotta Find Your Passion

I would never take back the hard times. The desperation, the hopelessness. Once you see the dark side and come back into the light, man the world becomes a beautiful place. And there is nothing better than to help others get there too.

It’s blessed me with passion. To love things. And I believe to go all out for what I love. My first passion, Star Wars. The Jedi. Collected a few tattoos, well a whole Star Wars sleeve my boy Louie Perez out of Shamrock’s Tattoo hooked me up with. Went to my first Star Wars convention,  Celebration, and took second place in the Star Wars tattoo contest.

Passion for Web Development and Coding

Next, I took that same passion and applied it to my Web Design and Web Development. Quick fact about me…6 years ago I knew nothing about the internet. No Google, no FaceBook. Nada. I was a dinosaur. For work before I was a grease monkey in mechanical machine shops or hard labor construction sites. I resisted technology for all of my life. Not even a cell phone. Later I got a job with Home Depot and made my way to Assistant Store Manager and still did not know how to send attachments by email. Haha if my bosses only new.

And then one day, while on a backpacking trip in Asia searching for what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, I was chilling in Bali and it hit me. The light went off. I wanted to make an app. It did not matter that I knew nothing about computers. I knew I could learn. And I became obsessed. Like went home back to LA and locked myself in my room for weeks obsessed. Watched every YouTube video I could find about starting to learn code and that’s what I did. I taught myself code

And then 
3 Years Later
I was Developing

years later, I know a few languages, mastered WordPress. Got pretty good with Shopify. And now living in Thailand and started my own business freelancing designing and developing awesome websites for awesome clients!

It All Started with Star Wars

It kept hope alive when I had no hope in my life. It kept me looking forward to s tomorrow when I did not want to wake up the next day. And I got through it, and that hope grew into a passion and love that I will always hold on to. Today, Web Design and Development is my true love. I love what I do! That is such a blessing to have this. It is why I call my business JediSites. A combination of my two loves and two passions. What I look forward to every night when I fall asleep to wake up for. My friends make fun of me because I am always saying ‘I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and get back to work on this site!’ And it’s true.

Thank you Star Wars, thank you to all the authors of the Extended Universe.

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