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“It’s much more than a website. It’s about designing experiences”

How We Design

The Elements of Our Designs

There are many steps and practices to having a properly made professional design. With years of experience, we encompass all elements into our designs and providing our clients with a truly unique and customized.

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Web Design

We use tools like Adobe XD, Figma, Invision, and our favorite, Sketch. We design mockups 100% customized and personalized.

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UX & UI Design

User Experience & User Interface. Good UX and bad UX is all around us. It’s about leaving your viewers with a positive and enjoyable experience.

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Think of a wireframe as the blueprint to your website. We design the layout and structure according to your brand, strategy, and goals.

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User Flow

Nothing designed is by chance and everything has a purpose. Our user flows map out how we guide and direct your traffic.

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This is the end goal. By an eye pleasing design, easy to navigate layout, a strategic user flow, and a great user experience, this = high conversions.

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Good typography can be an art in it’s own. There is nothing like a clean and consistent layout of content making it easy for users to scan and be engaged.

How We Do It

Our Design Process

With our design process, we use industry standard practices and make sure our clients have all of the information and can be involved as much as they like. Whether it’s giving input on the look and feel of their design or to have a care free experience and let us take care of everything. Here are the steps we take for all of our projects, big and small.

Research & Strategy
1st Step
We start with our consultations to gather as much information from our clients. Then we do our homework. We research our client's market and their competition. And from this information we develop a strategy to best achieve our client's goals .
Research & Strategy
Create a User Flow
2nd Step
Here we map our how your viewers and site users will interact. First we identify the main goal. Whether it is sign up, contact forms, sales, or branding building trust and credibility, we map out how to guide your site's users to your goal. This includes sitemaps and your site's structure.
Create a User Flow
Building a Wireframe
3rd Step
Once we have our strategy and game plan in place, it's time to start building pages. The wireframe is like a blueprint, the skeleton of the design. We layout each element and section to go into the site's pages. Making the layout and format and showing our client's how their site will work.
Building a Wireframe
Mockup Design
4th Step
Here is where the creativity and magic happens! We make the color schemes, font pairings, and make a design to show our clients exactly how their website will look. Both desktop and mobile. And in this process we do something different from other agencies. We make sure our client's are 100% happy with their designs and do not put limitations on the number of revisions. We make sure to capture our client's visions and expectations.
Mockup Design

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