Is a website ever really finished?

How soon can I launch my site?

Is a website ever really finished?

It’s been 1 year now and is finally live but far from finished. Imagine, a web designer and front-end developer starting an agency without a website! Kind of oxymoronic, right?! So this time, I decided not to prolong my site going live after asking myself…Can I launch my website before it’s finished?

I spent months trying to make the perfect website. It had to be! And every time I would get close to launch, I thought of a different style, my skills improved, or I did something totally epic on a client’s site and wanted the same for mine. So there were many times I nuked my site only to start over.


What benefits are there to launching a website early?

Start getting those SEO juices flowing!

Now I’m not an SEO expert and I focus primarily on the design and front-end development side of things. Still, working in this biz, a good developer should understand and have basic knowledge about all aspects of making a successful site and this includes definitely knowing how to make a website SEO ready. Also, I put all my focus and energy into making my client’s websites successful, so I was eager to apply what I was doing on their sites and using these on mine.

I decided to launch early because there were a few things I wanted to get started on right away.


Index my site with Google and Bing. Originally I had about 20 pages planned and still do. I chose to take the 5 most important web pages and complete those to get them indexed in Google right away. 


Have my portfolio easy to present to potential clients. Sending one link to a nice clean page with my featured websites and projects is a lot easier and more professional than sending 10 links of my top sites via email.


After seeing my client’s sites gain heavy traffic, I couldn’t wait to see traffic on mine and how the viewers responded to my site. To get this rolling, I dropped a few bucks for the first couple of weeks on AdWords just for testing. I wanted to see if my landing page was getting conversions and what my viewer’s behaviors were like in Analytics.

How do I know I can launch my website early?

You’re weeks or even months away from completing all you want on your site and need something live now! This is more than possible, but there are things that must be done first. Here is a couple helpful checklist that I have used, one made by my hosting, WP Engine, and another good one by WP Explorer. I love finding gems like these, as they helped me add to my checklist, as well as identified small details.

Now, there are many things to do pre-launch. I just want to share a few things I do before a launch

  • Create an early launch project outline, sort of like a sub-project.
  • Make sure the backend is clean. No extra pages or links that are not being used. Importing demos on WordPress can add a bunch of unneeded links that can harm your sitemap and indexing.
  • Run a page speed test with Google Page Speed Insights on all pages and fix as best as I can to get it in the green.
  • Then there’s testing, testing, testing. Each page that is live must be 100% completed, responsive, and optimized to convert. If there are only five pages completed and ready for my viewers, then that’s all that will be made accessible. Make sure to check all menus and links! do I know if a website is finished?

I think its safe to say, my website will be completely finished when I no longer need a website. Till then, I’ll keep testing, adding, and improving my site and my client’s sites.

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